Dr Ben Coulter WGU NC Chancellor

Dr Ben Coulter

Ben Coulter

WCU Chancellor

Workforce Demand, Adult Learning, Veteran Transition to Civilian Workforce and WGU - NC role

by Ben Coulter


Show Date: February 5, 2019

Topic: Ethics and Your Business

Series: Government Contractor Compliance and Business Systems


Earned Value Management Systems

An introduction and overview of EVMS and how small business government contractors can benefit from implementation.

EVMS Part 1

by Lea Strickland | Focus on Business: Government Contractor Compliance and Business Systems

Government Contractor Accounting Systems

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Government Contractors – Primes and Subcontractors must meet have a robust, compliant accounting systems.


What constitutes the accounting system?

What are the requirements and how are they determined?

What is CAS?

What FAR requirements apply?

Do you have to use a specific accounting software?

Can I use QuickBooks?

Business Ethics

Show Dates: November 13th and 20th

Topic: Ethics and Your Business

This multi-program series will take listeners through defining ethics, establishing values


Ethics in Business

This series of programs will guide listeners through defining ethical standards and practices. It will also examine the definitions perspectives and impact of ethics in the workplace and the marketplace.